Carer jobs with us

Carer jobs with us is akin to adult fostering. We provide people with an alternative to supported living and residential care in a family home.

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Start your journey as a Shared Lives South West Carer today…

If you have care experience, a spare room and a big heart we’d like to hear from you.


Want to work from home?

This is your chance. Applicants will have to have a desire to work through our assessment process, which usually takes between 6-8 weeks.

What are you waiting for…

It’s an opportunity to give something back to the community, do a rewarding job and you will also get paid once you have been matched with someone using our services. You will be paid for the care and support you provide as well as rent and household costs. We will do our absolute best to support carers and the people who use our services.

How do I become a Carer with SLSW?

Contact us now on 01626 360170 and we will talk you through the carer assessment process.

You will be emailed an application form and it should be returned as swiftly as possible by to get the ball rolling.


What happens next?

Once we have your application form, you will be assessed by a Shared Lives Coordinator (SLC)  and you will receive an Initial Visit from one of our team to make sure you and your home is suitable.


Initial Visit

A SLC will visit the applicant’s home following current government guidance.

We want to get to know you and for you to be able to ask us questions about the role.

We’re looking to get a very clear picture of who you and members of your household are and what you would bring to the role of SLSW Carer. We will also make sure your home is suitable.

There will be video calls/Skype calls after to answer any questions you may have or our team have about you.


You will be required to have a DBS check to become a SLSW Carer. This will take place while you are on your assessment to becoming a carer with us.



You will receive comprehensive mandatory training, this will give you an insight into the role ahead.

Training will take place virtually/online. We provide applicants with training materials to study and conduct a series of 1-2-1 telephone or video calls to talk through training areas and ask questions, ensuring that we feel confident that applicants demonstrate sufficient knowledge of key training areas.



Once an assessment report has been produced, our panel members will meet virtual to sign-off on your approval.


Once approved

We will match you with someone who is looking to use our services.

Carers who are approved following their assessment will be able to support up to three people in their home.

SLSW Carers are supported by a Shared Lives Coordinator, they carry out a variety of tasks including:

  • Working with the SLSW Carer and the person they are supporting to write a person centred plan.
  • Our coordinators are there to monitor, support, give advice and offer guidance.
  • Help with training, social events and carer meetings.
  • Keeping in touch with social care teams to let them know how the placements are going.

Our Funding and Benefits Team can support you by:

  • Making sure the people who use our services have claimed all the welfare benefits they are entitled to.
  • Calculating what fees are due for the service.
  • Making sure SLSW Carers get paid the correct amount.
  • Helping people who use our services to manage their benefit income through our money management support service.
  • Assisting with queries about mileage payments, holiday costs and arranging respite breaks.


Have you got what it takes?

Applicants will have to be willing and committed to the assessment process and have basic ICT knowledge and equipment.


Our Becoming a SLSW Carer Q&A Guide provides you with a wealth of information which you may find useful.
Please click here to download it.


Carer Jobs
It’s a paid carer job role

The fees we pay to a Shared Lives carer will depend on:

  • What sort of service you offer
  • How many people you support
  • What sort of support needs the person has
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Carer Role Application Process
Carer Role Application Process

There are only 7 steps to becoming a carer with us.

It starts by completing an application form and we’ll then contact you to arrange an initial visit from one of our coordinators.

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Carer Job Support
Carer Job Support

We are here to support you every step of the way and we encourage you to meet other carers in the scheme.

Our carers are supported by a Shared Lives Coordinator, they carry out a variety of tasks.

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Apply for Carer Jobs in Devon & Cornwall
Apply for Carer Jobs with us

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“It’s good to be able to get on with things ourselves, but it’s also good to know there’s someone there to talk to for backup, advice and support, when we need it.”

A Shared Lives South West carer