Connor goes abroad for the first time

Connor visited the Netherlands

With the support of his SLSW Carer, Connor has been abroad for the first time.
Helga Crosland helped Connor apply for a job, prepare for an interview and he got a job in his local KFC.
Since then Helga has given advice on how to save his money and helped him sort his currency to go.


She also helped apply for his passport and get a hidden disability lanyard for the airport.
He made the decision to go to The Netherlands to meet two friends he’d met through online gaming.
“I was so nervous as it was my first time on a plane and my first time abroad,” said Connor.
“I was anxious about flying, but loved it once I was in the air, there is something so calming about it.Connor and Helga 300x225 - Connor goes abroad for the first time
“I’m so thankful to Helga for all her support as without her I wouldn’t have been able to go. I bought her a cuddly squirrel as a thank you while over there.”


He was there for ten days and visited Amsterdam, Rotterdam and stayed in Dordrecht.
“The whole experience was new to me and I loved it,” he said.
“I’d say to anyone thinking about going abroad to do it and start small with a short flight.
“I’ve now got the travel bug and want to go to Idaho in America next as have a friend there.”

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