Baby news and new flat for Anna

Anna who has moved into her own flat and is supported by SLSW carer Dawn Jago
IMG 3989 150x150 - Baby news and new flat for Anna

Anna who has moved into a Shared Lives South West placement into her own flat

Anna has lots to celebrate, not only has she moved into her own flat after three years in a Shared Lives placement, she’s also expecting her second child.
“I’m very happy right now,” she said.
“I’m pleased and proud I’ve got my own place.”
Anna lived with her son Liam with SLSW Carer Carol Griffiths for three years and moved out in December.
“I’m grateful for Carol’s support and it’s been a stepping stone for me,” said Anna.
With Carol’s help, Anna worked hard to learn how to budget and parent Liam.
Over time, she needed less and less support and moved into an annex at Carol’s house, to give her more independence.
Finally she moved out and now feels settled in her own home and is ready to welcome the new baby in June.
“I live close to town, the train station and bus stops. It’s a good location,” said Anna.
“I didn’t have to move Liam to another school either, so that’s good,” she said.
She still has help from Shared Lives South West, with outreach support from SLSW Carer Dawn Jago.


She visits Anna five hours a week to help with paperwork and to support and encourage Anna with hygiene and keeping her house clean.
“I’m back up for Anna,” said Dawn.
“I’ve mainly been there for Anna to help with applying for benefits and assisting her to let the bank know what’s going on,” said Dawn.
“I’ve also set up her TV licence, been to the council offices to sort out her council tax and been intouch with the landlord to get a few things sorted for Anna.
“She’s doing really well managing money and is aware of her spending and how much she needs for rent now.”
“I get on well with Dawn,” added Anna.


IMG 3995 150x150 - Baby news and new flat for Anna

Anna who has moved into her own flat and has support from Shared Lives South West Carer Dawn Jago

In the coming months, Anna is hoping to kit out her house with more accessories and furniture.
“I need some chairs and chest of drawers and some things for the baby,” said Anna.
“We’ll trawl the shops,” added Dawn.
Anna’s also brushed up on her cooking skills and is thinking ahead with that.
“I’ve started batch cooking and freezing meals. I like making sweet and sour chicken, bolognese and stews,” said Anna.
With the baby due in June, Anna knows having stability for Liam is important.
“I know I have to stick with a good bed time routine with Liam,” she said.
“I’ve also been to special parenting classes.
“I’m thinking ahead for me, Liam and the baby.”

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