Devon Admin Team welcome Amanda to Shared Lives South West

Amanda Greig joins our admin team

We have welcomed Amanda Greig to our Devon Admin Team.
She recently moved back to the UK after living in New Zealand for almost three years.


How are you finding your new role as part of the admin team at Shared Lives South West?

I love it in the admin team. It is such a nice environment to work in. It’s so positive, friendly and caring.

Why did you apply for the role?

I like being organised and seeing a task through from beginning to end. I’m a real perfectionist.
I like meeting other people and I have a care background.

What brought you back to the UK?

I have sons who also lived abroad, but circumstances brought them back to the UK and I felt I wanted to be nearer to them.

Do you miss New Zealand?

I lived in Christchurch and at one point I lived in a house up in the hills, which was once lived in by the Dalai Lama.
I didn’t believe it until we started getting post addressed to him! It was so beautiful with the mountains and water around us. There was a real sense of calm.
On the flip side, there were also regular earthquakes, the largest was in November 2016 with Tsunami warnings. All you could see were people in their cars by the water trying their best to get on highground away from the spit. Even now it makes me shudder.

Out of Shared Lives what do you enjoy doing?

I’m a keen runner, especially long distances. I’ve just applied to run the Torbay half marathon and have completed the London Marathon before.
I also enjoy cooking, I love making a curry from scratch.
My other passion is gardening and at the moment I’m completing an online gardening course. I’m hoping to grow my own vegetables from pots and passersby can help themselves as there would be too much just for me.

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