Lilly is looking forward to Valentine’s celebration

Lilly and Joe

Lilly, who uses our short break services, is looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Joe.

She has been enjoying short breaks with SLSW Carer Jayne Askew since June last year.

Jayne has supported Lilly with her relationship with Joe while on her breaks and he has also stayed over too.

“I found it really upsetting the first time she went, but it’s good for Lilly to have some time with Jayne,” said Joe, now he has adjusted to Lilly having breaks.

“We will celebrate Valentine’s Day together and go to Plymouth or Exeter,” said Lilly.

“I  met Joe through South Devon Railway in May 2019 and we got together on 5th April 2021 during social distancing.”

“We’ve been together for nearly two years now, our second anniversary is April 5,” added Joe.


Lilly, who describes Joe as funny, thoughtful, very polite, fun and caring,  said they love sending time together.

“We both enjoy going out to Plymouth, Paignton, Exeter, Taunton and Bristol. We both enjoy going to railway tours and bus rally tours,” said Lilly.

“We both enjoy going on the buses and trains.”

Joe was also complimentary about his girlfriend and valentine, saying he loves her very much.

“I love her smile, I love how beautiful and gorgeous she is, I love how she is always there to help me and comfort me when I’m upset,” said Joe.

The couple clearly enjoy spending time together and have plans for the future.

“I’d like us to move in together one day,” said Lilly.


Jayne who has been a SLSW Carer for 18 months said that she is pleased to support the relationship.

“To feel love is lovely, just because you have a learning disability it doesn’t mean you can’t have a relationship,” she said.

“They do their best to see each other and help each other. If there is anything Lilly wants to talk about or has issues with we talk it through and I support her. The main thing is they are living a happy life and living their best life.

“When Lilly stayed recently we went and played pool with Joe and someone else staying with me and we chat altogether.

“We include Joe and have got to know him too.”

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