Michael White has joined our Board of Trustees

Michael White photo web - Michael White has joined our Board of Trustees

Michael White has joined our Board of Trustees.
Here he tells us a little about his career history and why he decided to become a trustee…

Please tell us about the experience and skills you bring into the organisation.

I have worked in the charity and social enterprise sector since 1995. I retired from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2018. Increasingly my work and skills had less to do with accountancy and much more around sustainable growth and development.
Work projects have revolved around charity/community business planning projects and turnaround, change situations, charity growth, board away-days, board skills audits, coaching, social enterprise, mergers and collaborations, trading, and organisational risk assessment.

We know you’ve worked with other charities over the years, can you tell a little about that?

I have been a charity employee (several times over), trustee, chair, consultant, trainer, mentor and volunteer in organisations ranging in size from an annual income of £15,000 to over £9m.
I also spent four years with CAF (Charity Aid Foundation) on a panel of advisors conducting “Healthchecks” on charities in the west of England and Wales. It was an insightful time.

Why did you decide to become a trustee on our board and what sparked your interest?

I have been aware of Shared Lives for some time and while being very interested in the work, some of which I could identify with through family experiences, I was especially taken with where Shared Lives was going.

What will you bring to the board?

A focus on what next. A number of charity skillsets. The “t-shirts I have worn” – practical anecdotes and tales – the humorous ones work the best. Duty and discipline.

What makes a good trustee?

Empathy with a desire to really understand. The ability to contribute and engage at all levels. The realisation that to be a sustainable trustee you have got to enjoy it.

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