Online Booking Form

Please use this form if you want to book respite / short breaks.

Online Booking Form

If you would like to make a short break or respite booking, you are in the right place. If this is your first time making an online booking or you are unsure what to do, please refer to the quick guide or call us on 01626 882568 before making a booking.

Please select one of the following options:


Short Break funded by the local authority

Short Break funded by the person supported

Respite paid for from the Shared Lives main carer’s respite allowance

For respite expenses reimbursement, please email us directly with your receipts / invoices at


If you are unsure which option to select please contact our Short Breaks team on 01626 882568.

Please bookmark this page for future reference. Alternatively, you can print it and access it on your mobile device using the QR code below. 

Online Booking Form

Online Booking Form

  • For the purpose of this booking form, “Respite” is when a person in a long term placement is going to be supported by somebody else, funded by the carer’s respite allowance. Respite bookings should ordinarily be made by the main carer.
  • Short Breaks” refers to any short-term package of care funded either by the local authority or the person themselves. Short Break bookings should ordinarily be made by the host carer.
  • Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email  to confirm we have received your booking.  It will also confirm your unique booking reference, which you need to keep for future reference. Please do not respond to this email.
  • Within 7 days the host carer (the carer providing the break) will receive a further email containing the payment claim. Once the break has taken place, the host carer can reply to this email and we will arrange payment.
  • The host carer will be able to claim any mileage that has been agreed when they complete their claim form.
  • For respite expenses reimbursement, please email us directly with your receipts / invoices at
  • If you need to change or amend a booking, please contact us by email at quoting the unique booking reference.
  • We make payments once a week; all claim forms received by 12pm on Wednesday will be paid on Thursday, with the money reaching your bank account on Monday.
  • For any queries please phone the Short Breaks contact number on 01626 882568.

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