Shared Lives Coordinator Sharon is welcomed to the Somerset team

New Shared Lives Coordinator Sharon Button

In the last month we’ve welcomed new Shared Lives Coordinator Sharon Button who will be based in the Somerset Team.
We catch up with Sharon to find out more about her…


What were you doing before working at SLSW?
Most of my working career has been in the health and social care sector. I have been fortunate to have gained knowledge and experience from my varies roles, working with children and adults with learning disabilities, mental health, autism, and addictions. My previous post was with the Transport Team at Somerset County Council.

Had you heard of SLSW before becoming a Shared Lives Coordinator?
Yes – I firstly heard about the Shared Lives scheme through a friend of a friend, that became a carer. Also, through working with the arranging care and support team at Devon County Council. Plus two of my lovely ex-work colleagues got roles with SLSW on the past and are still happily part of the team.

What made you apply to work at SLSW?
I was really excited when I saw the post for a Shared Lives Coordinator, as I thought, that is a job I would really like to do.
I personally think that the Shared Live model of care is how the future of care will look.

How are you finding it so far as a Shared Lives Coordinator?
Firstly, I must thank everyone for the warm welcome and support. As it is only my second week, I am still at the beginning of learning all that needs to be learnt!
I am slightly frustrated, that I still know a lot about ‘nothing’ but must remember to be patient with myself.

Why do you think Shared Lives works so well as a model of care?
Because it is all about the individual’s tailored needs of support and care. Always promoting and pushing for independence and personal growth, in all areas of life. Plus, exploring and developing new ways to support individuals, carers, volunteers and staff to succeed with their aspirations.

What makes a good Shared Lives Coordinator?
Knowledge of the role, friendly, honest, adaptable, reliable, enthusiastic, open minded and being able to work as part of the SLSW team.

What do you enjoy doing outside of SLSW?
I Iove to be out and about socialising with my fabulous family and friends. I enjoy walking and swimming, musical theatre, pottering in my garden and I adore eating. Cake, chocolate and fruit are my favourite foods!

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