Services we offer

We offer a wide range of person centred services, which are an alternative to supported living and residential care.

Services we offer

Shared Lives long-term service, short-breaks service, day breaks and transition services.

Shared Lives long-term service

For people with care and support needs who are looking for somewhere to live in a family environment.  This is similar to adult fostering and a good alternative to supported living or residential care. It can be a stepping-stone to living independently.

Shared Lives short-breaks service

For people who need occasional or regular breaks in a home-from-home setting, this could be an excellent alternative to supported living or residential care. Short breaks are fun, a chance to try something new and can offer a family carer a much needed break. Short breaks can be anything from a few hours to several days.


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Shared Lives day services

Open to anyone who needs care and support during the day in a carers home.  It may include trips out and activities in the community.

Short breaks for people with dementia

Specialist carers open their own homes to provide short breaks for people with mild to moderate dementia. This ranges from an overnight stay to a few hours/days. It could be a good alternative to residential care.

Transition services – for young people approaching adulthood

We work with families and children’s services to plan the transition into a Shared Lives placement. This service is designed for young people approaching adulthood (age 16+). It’s an excellent alternative to supported living or residential care and is similar to adult fostering. It aims to maximise peoples independence and help them achieve their goals.

Just Next Door

A stepping-stone between living with a family and living independently. This is a supported living service, with a family feel, provided by our carers who have an annexe or flat that is linked to their family home.

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Parents (and their children) with support needs

We are able to offer a service to a parent with support needs and their child, enabling them to retain parental responsibility with support from our specifically trained carers in a family environment.

Home from Hospital reablement service

Our specially trained carers provide a reablement service for people leaving hospital who aren’t ready to return home- whether this is because the property is not suitable, they require day to day support to recover or there is no one at home to assist them.

This is provided in the carer’s home and is designed as a stepping-stone to returning home by helping them boost their confidence and regaining daily living skills.

The Home from Hospital stay can be funded in several ways, some people may be eligible for intermediate care funding by the health authority, some people may be eligible for support through adult social care or the service can be funded this privately. Stays can range from a few days or for as long as required.

“It’s good to be able to get on with things ourselves, but it’s also good to know there’s someone there to talk to for backup, advice and support, when we need it.”

A Shared Lives South West Carer