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Representatives from Shared Lives were invited to Downing Street last week.

Shared Lives South West CEO Dominic Spayne and Team Leader Edward Bunce Phillips joined a number of other Shared Lives schemes along with a range of delegates from across social care, to attend a reception held by Helen Whately, Minister of State in the Department for Health and Social Care.

Helen gave a speech aimed at thanking the social care community as a whole, including family/unpaid carers. She talked about a personal experience to illustrate her understanding of both the stresses and successes for those working in the sector.

Helen spent time talking to individual groups and gave specific recognition to the Shared Lives model and alluded to a vision for care that needs a growth in Shared Lives across the country to build an even better social care landscape.
Alongside the minister, the Chief Nurse for social care Deborah Sturdy, also delivered a speech of thanks and recognition.

Deborah has been in this ‘new’ post for two years and also heaped praise on all Shared Lives Carers – recognising the ‘unique, family-based care that you are all part of providing’. Deborah has suggested she will aim to visit as many Shared Lives schemes as possible in the next 12-18 months – so we will hope for her to attend a future meeting of ours!
We wanted to share this with Shared Lives Carers to ensure that how ever much you might some times feel you are working away on your own, this is recognised and is very highly valued.

So, we are passing on the thanks from both Helen Whately MP and Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Social care.

“It was an honour and a privilege to be invited to 10 Downing Street with colleagues from across the social care sector,” said Dominic.
“I was particularly enthused to hear both Helen Whately, and Deborah Sturdy talk positively about the Shared Lives model.”

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