Shared Lives South West welcomes new SLC Jo Small to the West team

Jo Small web - Shared Lives South West welcomes new SLC Jo Small to the West team

Meet new SLC Jo Small, who is part of our West team…

How are you finding your new role at Shared Lives South West?
I’m loving it! The team have been so friendly and welcoming and I’m looking forward to meeting all my carers and the people they support.

What makes a good Shared Lives Coordinator?
I think the main qualities are to be sensitive, empathic and to be a very good listener. On the practical side – well organised!

What were you doing before joining Shared Lives South West?
I was a Team Leader for STEPS (Short Term Enablement Planning Service) which supports people in the community, mainly on discharge from hospital for up to six weeks.

Had you heard of Shared Lives South West before?
Yes, in fact my husband and I were Shared Lives Carers eleven years ago for short breaks and we have friends who are current SLSW Carers.

What will you bring to the team?
Hopefully I will bring my personal experience and insight from being a carer, not only with Shared Lives but with STEPS before I became a Team Leader. Many of my skills as a Team Leader are also transferable to this role, but I’m really looking forward to building up longer term relationships with carers and the people they support.

Outside of Shared Lives, what do you enjoy doing?
I have an art background so love doing anything creative when I have time. I sew a little bit and I’m doing a painting evening class at the moment, attempting to hone my watercolour skills. Otherwise, I love spending time with the family, especially our two grandchildren and walking our dog Charlie.

Name three things you’d take to a desert island and why?
This is a difficult one but I think it would be a sketchbook and pencils so I could draw to keep myself busy, a camera to record the journey/adventure and a pillow for a tiny bit of home comfort.

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