SLC Sarah becomes a Purple Angel dementia ambassador

Sarah Casey Dementia Champion with her certificate to be a Purple Angel

Sarah Casey has become a Purple Angel ambassador to help people and raise awareness of dementia.

Sarah has been working with the Alzheimer’s Society and she sees this as extension of the role. She aims to help people with dementia and to raise awareness and understanding.
She had to create a dissertation on her experiences of dementia and the people she has worked with.


“The driving point for me is the equipment that Purple Angels have to help people, that can really enhance their lives,” said Sarah.
“They have a door bell which repeats a message, a phone message which is repetitive and there is also an mp3 player which plays the person’s favourite music.”

Sarah’s knowledge and skills on dementia are highly regarded and she is looking forward to working with Purple Angels and building relationships with the organisation.
“I’m excited and inspired to hear the founder Norman McNamara’s story. I am blessed to be a champion for him.
“Above all, I’m looking forward to going to sessions where we work with all different organisations, the NHS, PT’s and coming together to help those with dementia. We can pool good resources to maximise the help we can give.”

The Purple Angel

The Purple Angel formed as a steering group to try and make Torbay the first Dementia Friendly resort in the country in 2012.
Torbay resident Norman McNamara was diagnosed with dementia at only 50 years of age. A shopping experience where he was spoken to rudely made him to decide to take action. He decided to change the way people see and treat others with the condition.
He wrote a“Guide to Understanding Dementia” and similarly worked on “What is Dementia” written by our Alzheimer’s Society. Two weeks later he returned and because staff had read it, he awarded a Purple Angel Logo for their window.
Through Facebook he met many who wanted to join in. The Purple Angel was named as Norm fondly refers to his wife Elaine as “his angel”!
The first 50 world wide ambassadors were inagurated in Paignton, Devon in November 2013. There are now more than 600 ambassadors, all with their own teams of volunteers.

Find out more about The Purple Angel

We have many carers who can support people with dementia, find out about our carers here.

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