Shared Lives South West welcomes Jim as a Shared Lives Coordinator

Jim Silgram who has joined the SLSW team

Our Cornwall team has a new addition.

We’ve welcomed Jim Silgram to Shared Lives South West as a Shared Lives Coordinator.

Here we catch up with Jim, who lives in the Redruth area, to learn a little bit more about him…

How are you finding your new role at Shared Lives South West?

I have really been enjoying my time with SLSW. It is a big job, and all staff I have been in contact with thus far are very knowledgeable about the organisation, and very understanding around the challenges I am facing being inducted in a new role during these challenging times.

I look forward to really getting stuck into my role and making positive changes for the people we support.

What makes a good Shared Lives Coordinator?

I feel a good SLC would be a kind, patient and organised person. I feel that the role has a large size caseload of people, so skills in building, maintaining and managing relationships would be extremely important to this role.

What were you doing before joining Shared Lives South West?

I have been working in care for around ten years with two different organisations. My main focus of work has usually been supporting Children. Although I have done transitional work for the Children that grew into adults, and helped them move into supported living settings.

Had you heard of Shared Lives South West before?

I had definitely heard of SLSW, but I would say I wasn’t actually aware of the service model and the flexibility within that.

Before my interview I did a certain amount of research on SLSW, and was impressed with the information I gathered.

What will you bring to the team?

I think I will bring a different point of view to some aspects of working, coming from a children’s’ and young adults background, I can help raise awareness of the options that SLSW can offer as an alternative to supported living, which for a young person, can be a very daunting prospect.

I have also spent a lot of time working and living in people’s personal homes whilst supporting, this gives me a good understanding how a carers house should look to make it feel welcoming, buy also safe and functional.

How was it joining during the pandemic?

I think it was really difficult for everyone actually.

Obviously it’s very different to a normal induction, but I have appreciated everyone trying their best to accommodate me in these challenging times. I would like to say a special thank you to ‘Zoom!’.

Where it is harder than normal is to properly introduce myself to carers and service users, and all though we have spoken on the phone, I feel it is less personal.

Outside of Shared Lives, what do you enjoy doing?

Well I love spending time having fun with my family and especially my  one year old son.

Apart from that the only other place you can find me is down the pub, having a pint, watching the football.

Name three things you’d take to a desert island and why?

Sun cream – I got extremely burnt on holiday once. But, I didn’t realise how burnt I was until that evening when I was on the dancefloor in one of the biggest nightclubs in Europe, it was so busy that everyone was jumping all over each other. I will never forget that pain.

Decent coffee – I am officially a coffee snob, and the kettle is always on.

An iPad – I would need to watch the football and keep up with Netflix.

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