Welcome to our new Business Leader Tim

Tim Wickson web - Welcome to our new Business Leader Tim

Tim Wickson recently joined the Shared Lives South West team as our Business Leader.

Here we find out a bit more about him…


Tell us a bit about your working/career background?
Industry-wise I’ve spent just over half my career in tourism and hospitality and the other half in local government, manufacturing and helping start-ups, so fairly varied.

I spent the last six years with Japanese toy manufacturer TOMY.
In terms of roles, I’ve spent two-thirds of my career in finance and accounting and a third in operational/customer services, dealing with the public.

My wife says I’ve got soft hands because I don’t work hard, but my grey hair and wrinkles say otherwise!

What made you decide to apply to work at SLSW?
It was good timing. I was leaving my old position, saw the advert, did the research and applied. Clearly SLSW has a lot to shout about and thanks to the decent online presence, it was easy to quickly grasp what SLSW is all about.

The interview process helped, in that it was relaxed and spread out over a few meetings before the big formal interview. It was all through Zoom, but even through the screen, the team’s positivity was almost palpable.

Had you heard of Shared Lives before applying for the role as Business Leader?
To be honest I’ll have to say no. I was aware of the concept of “homeshare”- yes I know that’s different- but I wasn’t aware of SLSW as a provider.

What makes a good leader?
Integrity, transparency and empathy.

How have you found your first week?
Confusing and enlightening in equal amounts. It feels good to be part of something that feels like it’s doing ground-breaking work.

What are you looking forward to most about role as Business Leader and being at SLSW?
I enjoy collaborative projects, so I’d say working with my immediate team and peers to consolidate our position as the lead provider in our field and to provide a safe position to move forward.

That sounds aspirational so to put some flesh on that in the short term I mean working with Mariana Wilson, IT Support Officer, to provide robust IT systems and with Ali Kingdon, Finance Manager, to provide reliable timely financial information to those that need it.

To use a football analogy, in my youth I’d have played right wing and crossed the ball a lot, nowadays I see myself as an attacking full-back, where I mostly defend but can penetrate forwards if required.

Outside of SLSW what do you enjoy doing?
Spending time with my family and finding new places to take our daughter on mini-adventures, weather permitting.

If you could take three things to a desert island, what would they be and why?
My wife, my daughter and a lifetime’s supply of KFC.

Anything you’d like us to mention that isn’t covered in the questions
I lived in Germany for five years and once ran naked through a forest in Poland!

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