Welcome to Team Leader Rose

Rose Gapper Team Leader at Shared Lives South West

Rose Gapper has joined us as a Team Leader.
Let’s find out more about her…

What were you doing before joining SLSW?
I have worked in the health and social care sector for nearly 20 years, I have been a registered manager for the last seven years. My previous role was a regional manager for a large supported living service across Devon, supporting vulnerable adults to live within their own home. I have a real passion for enabling people to live as independently as possible in placements most suited to their needs. A person’s development has always been the forefront of why I work in the health and social care sector.

How are you finding working at SLSW?
I am really enjoying my first week at SLSW, the team have been extremely welcoming and its really lovely to be a part of an organisation who really cares about the people, carers and staff. The vision is paramount in day to day conversations and there is an amazing outlook on continuously moving forward and growing as an organisation.

What made you apply for the role?
I have known about Shared Lives for a number of years, friends of mine have grown up in the Shared Lives environment. This was the first opportunity I had to apply for a role at SLSW.
I felt I shared the same values as the organisation. After reading the recent newsletters and how SLSW actively changed its way of working throughout the pandemic without losing sight of their values really reiterated why I want to work for this organisation.

What will you bring to the team?
I am a very positive and motivated individual, with a vast experience in the health and social care sector. I hope to bring my knowledge and commitment to the

Outside of work what do you enjoy doing?
During lockdown I have taken some time to learn how to paint, being creative is very important to me. I enjoy being by the sea and attempting to stand up on my paddle board. Spending time with family and friends is something I am really looking forward to doing.

Name three things you’d take to a desert island and why?
I am a very practical person who wouldn’t last well on a desert island as I love to spend time with others.
I would take lots of reading material so my mind was kept busy. A sleeping bag as I hate being cold.
And finally a boat to leave once I felt well rested and ready to return to civilisation.

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