Many Shared Lives Carers have spent many years in their role and enjoy the seeing someone thrive.

What Shared Lives Carers say about the role

We know the role is a rewarding one, but don’t take our word for it, here is what some SLSW Carers have said reecently about why they enjoy the job…

“I’ve been doing care work for 15 years and after I had my son I liked the dynamic of SLSW and could do the work I love in my own home.”

A Shared Lives South West Carer

“I love being a carer with SLSW household and having Mollie living with us and watching her thrive.”

A Shared Lives South West Carer

“I have so much to give and I love the drive of the role and seeing the person doing so well. I’ve helped Charlene to become less vulnerable, motivated and helped support her. She has come such a long way.”

A Shared Lives South West Carer